Adriana Orsini

Adriana is a writer, musician, artist and former publisher.  Growing up near Traverse City, Michigan Adriana learned customer service early in an area that was primarily tourism.  She pursued a Strategic Communications degree at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and has since fallen in love with southern life.  Adriana has worked with both small scale and major businesses to produce quality work.  With experience in news, public relations, branding, graphic design and web development Adriana understands how to bring effective client ideas to life.

When not behind a screen she enjoys horseback riding, gardening, photography and cooking as often as possible.  You can see more of her stuff on her website.

Doug is a programmer and web developer with 16 years of experience writing and testing code.  Working and living along the east coast, Doug has served several clients and contacts in Raleigh, Richmond and Nashville.  He gained his start in video game testing including automation engineering for the iconic “The Sims” series and work with Electronic Arts.

Outside of work Doug appreciates a challenge and has never balked from taking on new tasks. Attending college at 15 years old, Doug has mastered many crafts since, including blacksmithing and historical interpretation.  You may find this blackbelt of Tae Kwon Do teaching swing dance in some of the hottest clubs across the south.

Doug Noël

Doug and Adriana opened NorthPaw after recognizing a need for custom website development for musicians, small businesses and organizations in Nashville.  The two instantly recognized a complimentary skills set and desire to produce affordable, streamlined designs and maintenance of websites through building strong client/customer relationships.

Under NorthPaw Design, Doug and Adriana recognize the customized needs each individual, band or business has in creating this important face.  The boutique-style service offers custom design, and services at fair prices for websites that pack a punch.

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